Royalty Cleaning Services offers a variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Morris County N.J.  

Our services include professional carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. We strive in keeping your flooring needs looking pristine . 

Carpet Cleaning

There’s nothing that makes a home or business owner happier than seeing a clean carpet. Royalty Cleaning Services can provide you with the professional carpet cleaning services you need to keep your carpeting as clean as can be. Between dirt, soil, grease, pets, spills, and other debris, carpets tend to get dirty easily and can quickly lose their luster. Royalty Cleaning Services can arrange for residential and corporate carpet cleaning across the Morris County N.J. Area.

Upholstery Cleaning

From ice cream drips, wine mishaps, and naughty pets can make a once crisp, clean upholstery look worn and grimy. Royalty Cleaning Services' professional upholstery cleaning services can clean your furniture.  While the cleaning sometimes seems almost miraculous, furniture cleaning is not magical. Royalty Cleaning Services has the powerful equipment and cleaning know-how that deep cleans your upholstered furniture home cleaning methods cannot come close to results of a professional upholstery cleaning.

Royalty Cleaning Services offer a variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Northern New Jersey.  Our services include professional carpet cleaning services for personal or businesses that want to keep their commercial properties looking pristine for their clients. As well as for residential homes.


UV Blue Light Technology in the water filtration system kills germs and bacteria during the cleaning process.

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